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Sticking to a Schedule?

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Being a graduate student is one of the rare occupations in which we can make our own schedules; technically we can work whenever we’d like.  Before beginning graduate school this flexibility seemed an extremely exciting benefit, but once I began I realized how difficult it actually was to keep myself on track and prevent burnout.  With the end of my first semester as an MA student complete (and having survived  writing roughly 50 pages in […]

Graduate School Take Out: A First Semester Reflection

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You did it. Turned in your last paper, finished your last reading, put down your pen, and turned off your caffeine machine. Your first graduate semester is over. You’re tired, or rather chronically exhausted, and all you want to do is lay on the floor and veg out to Netflix for an ungodly amount of hours. Cue Jessica Jones.   But what do you do with all the crazy mumbo jumbo of the past 4 months? After […]