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Drown Recap: Multimodal Workshop

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Advice / Teaching

On January 19th a crowd of instructors gathered for an informative workshop led by assistant professor Dr. Brooke Rollins and featuring presentations by Dr. Amardeep Singh and Dr. Nicole Batchelor. For those unable to attend the event, we here at Drown Unbound have got you covered. While the idea of teaching a multimodal assignment may have seemed daunting at first, a few tips from the workshop presenters put everyone at ease. The easiest way to […]

Drown Recap: Teaching Argument Workshop

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The time has come. Classes have ended, seminar paper deadlines are past or quickly approaching and soon free-time will be discovered again. Since the submission of proposals we have waited, pushing ideas to the back of our minds, fighting the temptation to plan for English 002. Excitement aside, the last workshop for the New English 002 had some great takeaways. For those who missed it, Drown Unbound was there to capture the events.

Drown Recap: Preparing Your New English 2 Workshop

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Lehigh Culture & Community

As October thoroughly kicks our butts with readings, papers, and teaching, we have one more thing to accomplish this October: Proposals for the English 2 class we want to teach next semester. And at a time when the department is changing what we do with English 2, this can seem especially challenging. How on earth do we create a proposal for a class we have little to no experience in teaching and structuring? Thankfully, the […]