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On Teaching Resistance

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While drafting my English 2 proposal and planning my course last October, I had no idea how painfully relevant the overall theme would be, come spring semester. My English 2 focuses on the rhetoric of resistance: “Our section of English 2 will focus on the implications of language and writing in the context of various forms of resistance: self-definition and identity formation, visual rhetoric, and body rhetoric. Students will learn how these forms of resistance […]

Welcome to Lehigh English & Drown Unbound!

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We can’t deny it any longer: summer is over and the new academic year is about to begin, sure to be filled with many plans and unexpected discoveries–all accompanied by a heaping dose of excitement and nervousness. These feelings are especially potent for anyone beginning their graduate school education, or for those starting graduate school at Lehigh for the first time. So, for all our new community members, Laura and I will have a few posts over the next week filled with […]