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The Revolutionary Sisters’ Tea

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Synergy was achieved a few weeks ago when Lehigh played host to the most radical tea party since Sam Adams and friends got busy in Boston Harbor. Four women who have played leading roles in some of the most profound movements for social justice in the last half-century came together for tea and solidarity in the Zoellner Arts Center. Ericka Huggins, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, Denise Oliver-Velez, and Sonia Sanchez shared from their wealth of life-stories […]

Meet and Greet: Brian Reese

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As the fall semester comes to a close we want to take a moment to introduce you to masters student Brian Reese. Mareesa Miles: Hello Brian! Tell us about yourself! Brian Reese: I am a first-year MA student and a teaching fellow. I have strayed down many paths in my life until now. I slaved in restaurant kitchens for many years, worked as a silkscreen printer, a house painter, research assistant and data librarian, actor, […]

Learning to Read

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Directing a play is applied criticism (which is to say applied reading); the ballistics to the pure physics of literary theory. I feel qualified to say this (and what is qualification other than a feeling turned into a LinkedIn profile) because for the past two years, I operated, simultaneously, as an English graduate student, and as a playwright-director in New York City.

Amaranth: An Introduction

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As many of you know, Amaranth is the literary magazine published by the English Department and released annually each spring of the academic year. Our goal is to promote the literary arts on and around campus and to highlight the talent and range of Lehigh students. Because Lehigh is primarily recognized as an elite, research university whose main focus is engineering, many in the college community might not realize our intense commitment to the literary […]

Creative Justice

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Literature & Social Justice

As my first year of graduate school¬†comes to a close, I stare at the collection of texts I’ve accumulated over the year, astounded by how much I’ve been able to read and experience¬†in a mere eight months. As I look at each book, I can’t help but think about the endless connections I’ve begun to draw between the words on these pages and the ethical and social justice connections that these narratives provide. Coming from […]