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Imagining the World We Want, Together

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Lehigh Culture & Community / Literature & Social Justice / Politics

This article is cross-posted from Southsider article published March 6, 2018. Southsider focuses on celebrating the local vibrant arts district, reporting on arts and culture programming in Bethlehem’s South Side. For more information about Southsider, visit them online. On Wednesday, February 14, Tackling T.I.N.A. hosted the first of three public conversations scheduled this Spring. Themed around the idea of “Storytelling as a Strategy for Change,” Lehigh students and faculty joined together with Bethlehem community members to imagine how narrative frames […]

Want Food, Will Travel

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Advice / Lehigh Culture & Community

Dining options in the near vicinity of Lehigh can leave much to be desired – Molly’s gets tired quickly, and the atmosphere of Broadway Social can transform from a pleasant restaurant to a busy nightclub in the blink of an eye during weekend evenings. But fret not! As a native of the Lehigh Valley, I can assure you that there are a plethora of diverse and affordable dining options within a short drive of campus. […]

Rally Recap: It’s not a Moment, It’s the Movement

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Lehigh Culture & Community / Literature & Social Justice

Last Tuesday (January 31st) I had the privilege of attending a rally with my friends, colleagues, and students at Lehigh University. The purpose of the rally was to protest President Trump’s recent executive order banning immigration from specific nations and from my perspective, more importantly, to stand in solidarity with all immigrants in our community. I had never attended a political rally before; my anxiety disorder makes it difficult for me to be in large […]

What’s Happening?: December 2016

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Lehigh Culture & Community

The semester’s end is nearly upon us! Ah! If you’re looking for something to do during this trying and busy time to distract yourself from all this writing, we’ve collected the few remaining happenings in the month of December here for your perusal and consideration. It is important to leave your house/apartment every once in a while. Friday, December 2 Decorating the Common Room Time: 2pm-? As some of you may know, we have a […]

Meet and Greet: Brian Reese

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Lehigh Culture & Community / Literature & Social Justice / Uncategorized

As the fall semester comes to a close we want to take a moment to introduce you to masters student Brian Reese. Mareesa Miles: Hello Brian! Tell us about yourself! Brian Reese: I am a first-year MA student and a teaching fellow. I have strayed down many paths in my life until now. I slaved in restaurant kitchens for many years, worked as a silkscreen printer, a house painter, research assistant and data librarian, actor, […]

“No looking backwards, just forward”: Lehigh’s Rally for Inclusion and Sing Street

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Literature & Social Justice

(The first two paragraphs of this post are adapted from a Facebook post I made yesterday) Yesterday, in the wake of the US election, Lehigh faculty, staff, and students came together to hold a silent Rally for Inclusion. The idea was to demonstrate the diversity of people who work together on the campus and make Lehigh (and the country) what it is. While it is not yet clear what Donald Trump will do as president because […]

The Work of Art in the World: A Review of Doris Sommer’s Visit to Lehigh

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Literature & Social Justice / Uncategorized

On November third Doris Sommer visited Lehigh, speaking to a crowd of educators: librarians, teachers, professors, administrators, and students. Harvard professor and founder of Cultural Agents, Sommer believes in the power of public humanities to make change in the world. At a time when funding for the humanities is being cut across Universities and secondary education systems, Doris promotes beauty, pleasure and art as solutions to public problems. She speaks to me, a masters student […]

Meet and Greet: Adam Heidebrink-Bruno

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As November begins we continue the Meet and Greet series with Adam Heidebrink-Bruno! Mareesa Miles: Hello Adam! Tell us about yourself! Adam Heidebrink-Bruno: Hi! I’m a first-year M.A. student interested in intersectional theory, critical feminist pedagogies, and literature that critiques the neoliberal world order (and its historical parallels). When not mourning capitalism, I can be found in nature (kayaking, hiking, camping), or nerding out (D&D, chess, and other more contemporary tabletop games).

What’s Happening?: November 2016

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Lehigh Culture & Community

November has arrived and with it colder weather. Fortunately, the university is well heated and has numerous events to bring you inside and keep you warm. Also, pumpkin spice lattes. Monday, October 31 The deadline for LSJ abstract submissions is TODAY (Oct. 31). Please send your abstracts to Dana and Joanna at Find the CFP and more information about the conference here: (submitted by Dashielle Horne)