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Gothic Reading Group: Laughing in the Dark

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October 27th marked the second meeting of the Gothic Reading Group.  Of course, fall is the perfect time to be diving into the haunted material usually associated with the gothic. However, the group took a different turn for this month’s reading. Instead of diving into Frankenstein, Dracula, or other traditional texts, we took a trip to the past and found ourselves face-to-face with the stories that haunted us as children. Nope, it’s not Goosebumps. Our […]

“No looking backwards, just forward”: Lehigh’s Rally for Inclusion and Sing Street

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Literature & Social Justice

(The first two paragraphs of this post are adapted from a Facebook post I made yesterday) Yesterday, in the wake of the US election, Lehigh faculty, staff, and students came together to hold a silent Rally for Inclusion. The idea was to demonstrate the diversity of people who work together on the campus and make Lehigh (and the country) what it is. While it is not yet clear what Donald Trump will do as president because […]

The Work of Art in the World: A Review of Doris Sommer’s Visit to Lehigh

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Literature & Social Justice / Uncategorized

On November third Doris Sommer visited Lehigh, speaking to a crowd of educators: librarians, teachers, professors, administrators, and students. Harvard professor and founder of Cultural Agents, Sommer believes in the power of public humanities to make change in the world. At a time when funding for the humanities is being cut across Universities and secondary education systems, Doris promotes beauty, pleasure and art as solutions to public problems. She speaks to me, a masters student […]

Amaranth: An Introduction

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Lehigh Culture & Community

As many of you know, Amaranth is the literary magazine published by the English Department and released annually each spring of the academic year. Our goal is to promote the literary arts on and around campus and to highlight the talent and range of Lehigh students. Because Lehigh is primarily recognized as an elite, research university whose main focus is engineering, many in the college community might not realize our intense commitment to the literary […]