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Anticipating Accepted Students Day

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Advice / Lehigh Culture & Community

In anticipation of Accepted Students Day on March 22nd, I sat down with some seasoned graduate students to gather their advice for how to best prepare for a campus visit. As a first year Ph.D. student and a second year MA student, respectively, Sam Sorenson and Ashley Evans shared the following kernels of wisdom with our future colleagues: “Don’t be shy. Try to interact with everyone to get a realistic feel for the department.” Admittedly, […]

That Time I Decided to Teach Tinder: Using Titillating Titles in Academia

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First, an admission: I love a good title. In my opinion, a catchy title can go a long way in getting someone’s attention and hopefully securing it for long enough that s/he continues to read the content. And, in an age in which skimming is the norm in terms of online reading practices, a good title can also give a person a moment of pause. Thus, when I was putting together an online summer course […]

Lehigh Spaces: The Women’s Center

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To continue the wonderful conversation about Lehigh Spaces, including Laura Fitzpatrick’s exploration of Linderman and Laura Casale’s reflection on Farrington Square, I wanted to add some thoughts about one of my new favorite places (and incidentally, my current work space), the Women’s Center. Established 25 years ago, the Women’s Center has changed locations a few times in the past quarter of a century, eventually settling on the second floor of the University Center, in UC […]

Getting In and Fitting In: First-Generation Students in Graduate School

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As a college education becomes more financially feasible and socially expected for a greater portion of the population, historically disadvantaged students and those from working class families are entering colleges and universities at a higher rate than prior decades. Though school officials offer varying definitions of what it means to be a first-generation student, many agree that first-generation students tend to feel unprepared and under-supported for the many challenges that college entails. As such, universities, […]

The ‘Other’ Graduate School Mess: Tackling Mental Health in Graduate School

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Advice / Lehigh Culture & Community

As the department reassesses the many potential functions and values of graduate work, faculty and graduate students have gathered to discuss the exciting possibilities of newly-envisioned graduate study. We have realized that, as the job market evolves, we must evolve along with it. As such, we have discussed many exciting opportunities for graduate students to tailor their academic experiences, including substituting a traditional language exam with learning an enhanced digital skill set (such as coding); […]