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Advice to (not) Follow: One Way to Get Through the Reading Semester

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The first bit of qualifying exam advice is not to follow anyone’s advice. If you are reading, prepping to read, procrastinating reading, complaining about reading, behind, ahead, or on schedule for reading, then you are probably already in the whirl of veterans telling horror stories of broken computers, interrupting undergrads, crying, absurd laughing, and days of either sleeping too little, or far too much. This is often paired with the sage and almost deranged eye-twitchingly […]

Tips for Avoiding a Stressful Application Semester

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By Kyle Brett and Megan Bruening   Are you applying to Ph.D. programs? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by trying to balance work, apps, and your much needed social life? Sometimes the application semester can get the better of you and you can, sadly, end up like this: Fret not. All of your professors, not to mention the department full of current Ph.D. candidates, and Ph.D. students, made it through this process intact. Which is to […]

LSJ Conference Tasting Menu

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Literature & Social Justice

Well, another week is wrapping up at Lehigh—one step closer to Spring Break, another to the end of term. As you plan for the weekend, (which includes some time for relaxation, right?) you might be looking for something completely different from your standard two-day routine. I know I am—seriously, there is only so much Netflix that I can handle on a given day without feeling that terrible mixture of self-loathing and pure time-wasting joy. Thankfully, […]