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Tips for Writing a Masters Thesis

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While primarily intended for students completing a masters thesis, this post might also interest those writing seminar papers or other projects, such as scholarly articles or essays. These seven tips, thoughts, and provocations derive from my own successes and failures, good intentions and bad habits as a writer. Add your voice in the comments! In case you stop reading here, know that however hellish the process, there is nothing quite so pleasurable as producing a polished piece […]

Going Public: The Primacy of Audience in Digital Public Humanities

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Literature & Social Justice

On March 4 and 5, the 2nd annual Literature and Social Justice Graduate Conference will bring together students from both within and outside of Lehigh, as well as Lehigh professors and professionals from the Lehigh Valley, to discuss the intersection of Literature, the Public Humanities, and Social Justice. Bringing a public humanities framework to the English department’s broader conversation about Literature and Social Justice is particularly exciting to me as a graduate student interested in how humanities […]

Relationships, Love, and Struggle: New Play Of Mothers and Men Highlights Black Latina Experience

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Lehigh Culture & Community / Literature & Social Justice

On Thursday, February 25, NYC based performance company The Black Latina Movement will perform an original work of theatre, Of Mothers and Men, at Lehigh University (event details below). Through focusing on the diverse voices and stories of individual women of color, the play both highlights and raises questions about the roles and experiences of the women in our lives and communities. Of Mothers and Men represents an opportunity to engage in these questions as a university community.