Author: Katie Burton

Reflections on a Year of Connected Academics

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When I applied to the MLA’s Connected Academics proseminar early last summer, I knew I wanted to explore alt/non-academic career options, but I wasn’t quite sure what that meant. So in my application, I focused on three ideas: my “commitment to connectivity” and public discourse about the humanities; my valuation of the project of translation; and my desire to increase my professional self-knowledge. I tried to show how I had a longstanding research and teaching […]

Posthumanism Matters for the Humanities

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October is National Arts and Humanities Month: a time to experience, celebrate, and promote the important roles that the arts and humanities play in our lives. The perfect time, in fact, to talk about . . . posthumanism? Of course! Posthumanist inquiry, and its closely-related scholarly cousin animal studies, posit that humanism has long sustained at best an ignorance of and at worst a deliberate violence against non-human others, and they seek to reorient this […]