Meet and Greet: Shelby Carr

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Tell us about yourself!

My name is Shelby and I am a New Jersey native, but I have been in the Lehigh Valley for almost a decade. I completed my undergrad at Penn State University where I majored in English and minored in Women’s Studies. My areas of academic interest are 19th century American lit, women writers, and the glorious short story. In my free time I enjoy hiking, crocheting, and napping.

Why did you choose Lehigh?

I toured Lehigh as a high school student and was amazed by the campus. I knew I couldn’t afford school here, so I filed the experience away and forgot about it until I was toying with the idea of applying to the MA program. I was struck by the department’s focus on Literature and Social Justice and knew I had to apply. It also didn’t hurt that the faculty here is straight up awesome.

What is your favorite book outside your field of study?

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I am already excited to teach English 2!

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