What’s Happening?: December 2016

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Lehigh Culture & Community

The semester’s end is nearly upon us! Ah! If you’re looking for something to do during this trying and busy time to distract yourself from all this writing, we’ve collected the few remaining happenings in the month of December here for your perusal and consideration. It is important to leave your house/apartment every once in a while.

Jon Snow.gif

Jon Snow knows nothing about all the writing we’ll be doing in the coming weeks.

Friday, December 2

Decorating the Common Room


Time: 2pm-?

As some of you may know, we have a (now three-year?) tradition of decorating the Drown lounge for the holidays. Since Viv is very busy this time of year, Sarah Heidebrink-Bruno thought it would be nice if we helped out by putting up the tree and other decorations Friday the 2nd, starting at 2. We’ll also be listening to holiday music.

Please feel free to stop by if you’re interested. Moreover, if you’re thinking of getting rid of any ornaments that you no longer need, our tree could use them! Thanks.

Additional bonuses:

1. We have new lights and some donated ornaments this year.

2. There will be holiday teas.

3. I made ornaments for us to paint.

And if none of these reasons compels you, it’s a nice break from grading and writing seminar papers and dissertations.

Hope to see you there!

Women of Bethlehem Steel Follow Up Session


Steelworkers Archive/Contributed Photo

Time: 6:30pm 7:30pm

Location: Northampton Community Collage
Fowler Family Southside Center
Room 605

511 E. Third St.,
Bethlehem, PA 18015

I went to the previous version of this event last semester and it was an amazing experience to hear from the women who worked in the Bethlehem Steel factory and company at large talk about the situations they encountered and difficulties they faced trying to integrate the workforce during the last decades of the company’s existence. It’s a fantastic way to get to know more about the town we teach in and the history of the biggest cultural force that has shaped our community.

Film Club: Pan’s Labyrinth


Time: 6-9pm

Location: Drown 001

Come watch Guillermo del Toro’s weird, violent, and gorgeous war/fairy tale movie with friends! del Toro combines escapist fantasy with a realistic portrayal of the brutal nature of war to make a fairy tale for adults. It also has one of the best scores of the 21st century, so you can close your eyes when the face-based violence happens and get carried away by the haunting music.

Week of December 5-9

Cookie Office Hours with Dr. Jenna Lay

As we wrap up our fall semester, I think we all deserve a bit of a reward for making it through. Next week, I’ll be holding chocolate chip cookie office hours: feel free to drop by to pick up a (delicious! homemade!) cookie, chat about final papers, touch base on your dissertation, talk about TV/movies/holiday plans/etc–or just grab the cookie and go. I’ll be in my office with no specific meetings scheduled:
Monday, December 5: 3pm-4pm
Tuesday, December 6: 1:30pm-3pm
Wednesday, December 7: 2:30pm-4pm
Thursday, December 8: 8am-noon; 1:30pm-3:30pm
Friday, December 9: 1pm-4pm

Thursday, December 8

Drown Writers Series and Food Drive

Time: Noon-1:30pm

Location: Humanities Center


Amaranth will host a DWS Reading Event and Food Drive at the Humanities Center on Thursday, December 8th from noon to 1:30. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. We ask that all who attend bring two cans or non-perishables to support the local food banks before the holidays. We have many excellent readers already lined up — so please spread the word!

Monday, December 12

Department Holiday Party


Time: 12 noon – 2pm

Location: Commons room

Come celebrate the end of the semester with everybody. Enjoy the decorations, company, food, and drink. In that order. Please bring a covered dish to share!

Thursday, December 15

Class Conference: Early Modern Poetics

Time: 4-7pm

Location: Humanities Center

We’ve been working with a whole bunch of poems from the Early Modern period in class and it is time to show you all what we’ve been thinking about. Come see two panels’ worth of just the best papers you’ve ever heard (can you tell I’m trying to psych myself up here?). It’ll be a great break from your own writing, and there will be food and drink to go with the superb writing you’ll all be witness to.

Friday, December 16

Film Club: Something Christmas-y


Time: 6-9pm

Location: Drown 001

It’s too far away and we’ll figure it out as we see who will still be around and wanting to take some time to get Christmas-y, but I would love to have one last film club get together to watch something like Gremlins or The Shop Around the Corner, a personal favorite. You know, something with snow and either a love story or little furry monsters. Oh! Or maybe Eyes Wide Shut!

Eyes Wide Shut.gif

That’s all I’ve got for now. If you’ve got an event that pops up after I post this, please put all relevant info in the comments and I’ll add it in. Happy holidays and good luck with your writing!

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