4 Articles for Self-Care This Semester

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As we approach the one month marker of the Fall 2016 semester, it seems essential to point out, once again, the importance of self-care.


  1. The ‘Other’ Graduate School Mess: Tackling Mental Health in Graduate School

In an extensive article Sarah Heidebrink-Bruno tackles mental health in graduate school full force. Drawing on The Graduate School Mess by Leonard Cassuto, Heidebrink-Bruno addresses the impact of the “ever-increasing list of expectations” for graduate students on mental health. Her suggestions are far reaching and range from remembering to eat regularly, taking time for the activities you love outside of your studies, and reaching out to supportive community members.

2. Managing Mid-Semester Stress and Anxiety

In another wonderful piece, Dashielle Horn adds to the compendium of online resources that aim to help students reduce stress and keep pushing through the semester. Her major suggestions include:

  • Talking it out
  • Using helpful apps
  • Taking time to reflect on your progress and goals
  • Planning ahead

3. Making the Most of Your First Year of Grad School

Earlier this month Emily Shreve compiled and published a list of suggestions from current and past graduate students who made it through their first year. From becoming close to your cohort to not letting teaching consume all of your energy, these are the things we wish we had known in advance.

3. Tips on Surviving Coursework

Likely the most frequent cause of stress is the intense amount of coursework required of graduate students. Sarita Mirzin and Dashiell Horn know this first-hand  and have compiled a list of tips to survive coursework and reduce the anxiety that comes with the overload.

4. The University Counseling and Psychological Services (UCPS)

The Lehigh Counseling Center has compiled a list of common challenges faced by college students and offers potential causes, symptoms, and potential solutions. They also offer individual and group counseling for those times when we all need a little additional support.

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