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We can’t deny it any longer: summer is over and the new academic year is about to begin, sure to be filled with many plans and unexpected discoveries–all accompanied by a heaping dose of excitement and nervousness.

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These feelings are especially potent for anyone beginning their graduate school education, or for those starting graduate school at Lehigh for the first time. So, for all our new community members, Laura and I will have a few posts over the next week filled with advice and helpful tips for managing this hectic and wonderful and challenging and thrilling new year. But first, check out a few highlights already on the blog: 

What better way to spend the Sunday before your first day of class than by alleviating some of those first day of teaching jitters?

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And when you are feeling confident about that, read some helpful advice on surviving coursework or play around with using Evernote for class notes or to manage your lesson plans.

If you are still finding your way on campus, check out our Lehigh Spaces series, to learn more about Linderman Library and Farrington Square.


Finally, read tips on managing school as a first-generation graduate student or look ahead a few months, and consider what you may want your take outs to be.

There is much more to learn about on the blog, so have fun exploring our subcategories and reading what graduate students before you have experienced during their time in Drown Hall.

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Drop your comments, advice, questions, and requests in the comments below. Here’s to another great academic year!

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