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We here at Drown Unbound want to take some time to focus on the environment at Lehigh, the atmosphere, and the physical places that make up the identity and every day lives of our graduate students. Basically, we hope to examine the spaces we love to be in– to talk, to read, to write, and to connect– and to reflect on the impact these spaces can have on us.IMG_20160219_150534-EFFECTS

In many ways, when looking at all of the places on and around campus that make up a part of graduate student life here at Lehigh, a post about LindermaIMG_20160219_145014n Library just sort of wants to write itself. There’s no happier place for a lover of literature than the library, and here at Lehigh, we boast one of the loveliest of all. (Yes. We are all adore this library.) A space completely devoted to an infinite source of knowledge and learning, Linderman offers a top-notch collection in a visually stunning space.

Linderman Library was built a little more than 15 years after the school was founded. (For a more detailed history, check out this post by The Brown and White, our undergraduate newspaper.) Asa Packer, our illustrious foIMG_20160219_145537under, donated a fund for its construction after the death of his daughter, Lucy, to build a monument to Asa’s love of her (and indeed, that’s where the name of the Cafe, Lucy’s, located
below the gorgeous rotunda in the lower level of Linderman, comes from, which is perhaps another lovely space to highlight in the future?).

Affectionately called “Lindy” by Lehigh students, this space opens up with awe and grandeur. If you want a Hogwarts experience, look no further; this space screams medieval. And I mean, look at those working spaces (seen to the right). Who wouldn’t want to study in their own cubicle made entirely of books? Not to mention all the levels are connected by an amazing spiral staircase. And yes, you can climb up and down it as many times as you want. (Guilty of a love [read obsession] of spiral staircases.)

IMG_20160219_150417From the stonework outside, to the woodwork inside, from the chandeliers to the spiral staircase, from the stained glass rotunda to the arched windows, this space exudes elegance and can foster a studious ambiance for even the most reluctant and exhausted student.

There are plenty of tucked away corners to help students survive their 4 o’clocks or graduates their seminar paper week (or rather, that week that makes you hope to never see a pen [or Word doc?] again). From little corners with chairs, to full on desks, to computer labs and classrooms, Lindy combines all the amenities of a modern collective spaceIMG_20160219_150027 and the regalness of architecture and atmosphere of years gone by to help students do what they’re here to do: learn.  

There are still times when I look up and find myself present in the moment (something I should be doing more often probably) and enchanted by the environment here at Lehigh. These moments offer a perspective, a chance of reflection and gratefulness that calling your building the “Tunafish Can” because it’s round (and that’s the most exciting visual thing about it) just doesn’t offer. These spaces inspire us to strive for something beyond what we already have, already do, and that’s a wonderful thing in itself.

Never far from our hearts (or literally where we’re physically working in Drown Hall), Linderman is a gorgeous place that is sure to inspire even the reluctant burgeoning scholar. So take a walk down, look around, and who knows? Maybe serendipity will lead you as you admire the Gothic style into a whole other world–to a thought you’ve never had before–and maybe that’s the experience every grad student is searching for.

We’d love to hear about your favorite spot in Linderman in the comments and let us know what space you’d love to hear about next!

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